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Feedback to the casino support is helpful if you do not feel you are being comped as you should be based on your play. Take advantage of some great gambling comps listed above.

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There are two types of games; informal and conventional. Informal gaming includes wagering between friends, acquaintances and even online for entertainment.


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Gaming patrons can risk loosing large amounts of money in the possibility of gaining back or winning more. This is thinking common to all gamers and gamblers all over the world.


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There are many functions to the game and while some people abuse this activity and become dangerous, if treated with respect and watched, it can be a very fun time.



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There are generous and variety humans there who’s willing to provide an advice and to know-how about gambling.

Congressmen State Their Case
for Legalizing Internet Gambling

New York Representatives Steve Israel and Peter King have written a column in today’s New York Post that endorses Internet gambling. They cite their reasons and thinking behind their endorsement online casino of Rep Barney Frank’s Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act(H.R.2046).

The full article can be read here. In it they state how the UIGEA was simply a rider to a more important Port Security Bill passed last year. They also state that children and problem gamblers would be better protected with the industry regulated and run by legit businesses as opposed to illegal offshore entities that run them now. Congressmen Israel and King have both signed on to co-sponsor H.R. 2046 and are being proactive in their support of American freedoms and each deserves a letter or phone call to thank them for their efforts.

Casino Gambling Web urges all readers to call or write their Representative, or visit them this month while they are in their impressum Generator home district and talk to them about the benefits that passage of the IGREA will provide for this country. “If Americans are to regain some of their freedoms lost, they should act quickly on this issue. Congress does listen to the requests of their constituents and, although this issue may not appear on its face to be one that many care to get behind, the underlying effects of not overturning the UIGEA are far-reaching as it is a direct infringement of personal freedoms,” said Gordon Price, CEO of Casino Gambling Web.

Momentum is growing nationwide to repeal the UIGEA and to implement a sound policy that not only legalizes Internet gambling, but does so with safeguards to protect problem and underage gamblers, has provisions to combat fraud and monitors licensed business’s’ for money laundering, as well as providing a tax system to generate much needed revenues. There is also a campaign against the repeal which is led by the restrictive, shameful and biased christian right conservatives, led by Focus on the Family Action that is deceptive and inaccurate in its presentation of facts.

“CGW has heard from many thousands of Americans that would like to see this law overturned and they have given their support via an online petition to repeal the UIGEA, calling congress and writing letters.” said Price, adding “FOFA has published articles authored by Chad Hills that simply are not correct and when we questioned their facts, they refused to respond other than to say that we should agree to disagree on this issue. We might add that when we wrote to Mr. Hills, he has never responded.”

The idea is being met with some fierce words from lawmakers who oppose any additional alcohol hours at the casinos.
John Smith
Burlington, Colorado

Connecticut Lawmakers May Use Alcohol To Rid Casinos Of Smoke

That battle took a turn for the best this week when the Supreme Court ignored the recommendation of the State Bar of Nevada disciplinary panel that Crawford be disbarred. That recommendation happened back in April of last year.