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Little Blue Heron – Updated August 20

by Bryan on August 8th, 2010

Breaking news: The Little Blue Heron seen around Cabot was spotted again as late as August 20 at Will Ameden’s fire pond on Ducharme Road. Sue Carpenter and Rollin Tebbetts first discovered this bird on August 7. That’s Rollin’s photo below; it shows nicely a good field mark for Little Blue, the smudges on the primary tips.  I’ve also included a Google Map to its various haunts.

View Little Blue Heron Locations in a larger map

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  1. Yep, I believe this is a bird that hatched this year. If it were a yearling (just over a year old now), I suspect that by now it would be in the process of replacing its flight feathers and most to all body plumage with blue feathers. Good question, Rhonda!

  2. Rhonda Mace permalink

    Would the white morph indicate that this bird was born here this year, or would it be a yearling born last year that got a bit lost in its travels?

  3. Kevin Hemeon permalink

    A summer for southerners. May winter take a long time to arrive. Someone may spot a blue morpho next. LOL

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