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How to Catch a Dragonfly

by Bryan on August 20th, 2010

Your Daily Wing blogger in chief is now featured on Vermont Public Radio’s Summer School series describing how to catch a dragonfly.

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  1. Thanks, DW! I like the tennis analogy. Rather than meeting a tennis ball head-on as it approaches, wait just until it passes by and swing (from below and behind) as if to propel the ball along it’s current course.

    And that net. Oh, I love that net!. It begins with a trip to Canada. To a Canadian Tire store. (It’s a big chain.) We may have domestic options; I’m not sure. Buy the long-handled Lucky Strike. It’s a cheap aluminum dip net. Cut off the fish netting. Then remove the sheet-metal screws that hold the ring to the pole. Buy an 18-inch basic Bio-Quip nylon net. And here’s the hard part: get that net onto the net ring. It takes patience and flexibility. It’s easy to bend and crimp that ring in the process. But I’ve done it successfully many times.

    When you reattach the ring, punch two more hole and use slightly larger sheet-metal screws (two on each side). Then wrap the screws with electrical tape (so they don’t snag the net).

    I LOVE this net. I learned it from Paul-Michael Brunelle. It swings faster than any net I own. And it’s a dependable prop for those awkward, unbalanced moments in peatlands.

    I think I’ll blog specifically on the net soon.

  2. I love the description of how to catch a dragonfly! It’s fabulous! People constantly ask me how to catch them and I’m never quite sure how to describe how I do it (apart from saying it demands a lot of patience and persistence), but I think you nailed it. I’ll direct people to your description from now on! I’m also highly envious of your net. It sounds amazing. I might need to make one of those myself…

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