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Digital University: Enroll Now for August Courses

by Bryan on July 1st, 2011

Unleash your creativity. Capture your world. Here are seven workshops to help you master digital photography and image editing. Whether you’re shooting flowers, birds, landscapes or grand-kids, these sessions will enhance your photographic and creative potential. You’ll laugh and learn with other nice people who want to take great photos.


  • Photography Fundamentals – Saturday, August 6 / 9am – noon
    Learn the universal rules of photography: shutter speed, lens opening, metering, focusing and flash. People who understand these fundamentals get far more value from my other workshops. So think of this first session as a tune-up for greater things to come.
  • Photo File Management – Sunday, August 7 / Mac: 9am – noon | PC: 1-4pm
    You can’t enjoy your photos if you can’t find them. So discover the best ways to organize and locate your images once you’ve moved them from camera to computer. This session works for Mac people using iPhoto, PC people using My Pictures or none of the above. We’ll also discover amazing free photo organization software called Picasa.
  • Know Your Camera – Saturday, August 13 / 9am – 1pm
    This essential session demystifies digital dials, buttons and menus. Do you set your camera on “AUTO” and hope for the best? In our class you’ll learn to set your camera for the photo you want. And you’ll recognize when your camera is plotting against you, to misbehave and sabotage your work. Think of this workshop as camera couples counseling.
  • Get Your Best Shot – Saturday, August 20
    You and your  camera can have a great relationship, but only if you two cooperate. We’ll spend a half day shooting lots of images inside and outside: people, pets, wildlife, flowers, landscapes, tricky lighting, macro photography, composition and your own photographic “issues” or creative aspirations. The Know Your Camera workshop (above) is highly recommended before this session. This class has two options:
    - Point-and-Shoot Cameras: 9am – 1pm
    - Single Lens Reflex Cameras (with interchangeable lenses): 2-6pm
  • PhotoShop Fundamentals I – Sunday, August 14 / 9am – 1pm
    PhotoShop can turn a lousy image into a cover shot. We’ll use the powerful and affordable PhotoShop Elements (“PhotoShop lite”) to add quality and creativity to your images. The dirty little secret among us is that all self-respecting digital photographers edit their images. You’ll see why this software is nothing shore of miraculous.
  • PhotoShop Fundamentals II – Sunday, August 21 / 9am – 1pm
    Your next step with PhotoShop Elements includes more ambitious pixel editing, color manipulation and sophisticated tools for creating PhotoShop magic. Every photo on this blog, including the sunset ads for at the upper right of this page, were edited in PhotoShop Elements. PhotoShop Fundamentals I or a working knowledge of the software is a prerequisite for this course.
  • PhotoShop Fundamentals III – Sunday, August 28 / 9am – 1pm
    This final session is all about you and your images. For most of the session, you’ll be editing your own images with an instructor looking over your shoulder. You’ll complete your mastery of PhotoShop Elements by learning advanced pixel editing and the benefits of working with multiple layers in your image file. You’ll employ tricks to bring the highest quality and creativity to your work. This class is limited to six participants. Intermediate knowledge of PhotoShop Elements or the PhotoShop Fundamentals II course are prerequisites.

All classes are held in Montpelier.
The fee is $40 for your first course and $35 for any additional courses.

We also share a pot-lunch brunch or supper during many of these sessions.
So we eat well and take good pictures.

TO REGISTER:  Send me an email.

Meanwhile, scroll through some images:

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