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Monhegan Update No. 2

by Bryan on September 26th, 2011

Some shearwaters are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. As you may know, the powers that be have renamed Greater Shearwater as Great Shearwater. In any event, below are some shearwater shots by my friend Terry Allen from her boat ride to Monhegan Island, Maine.

Meanwhile, the winds are still turned against us here for fall migration. But we did see a few new birds arrive today and Sunday. A Blue Grosbeak and Dickcissel were calling near the Lupine Gallery this morning. Indigo Buntings have arrived. Highlights from Sunday included Lesser Black-backed Gull, American Golden Plover, Dickcissel and Lapland Longspur at Lobster Cove. I also located two Common Buckeyes (not so common up here) at the southern end of the island. We’re still seeing Clay-colored Sparrow at Tom and Josephine Martin’s feeders. Philadelphia Vireos are here and there among the hoards of Red-eyed Vireos. An Osprey flying over Burnt Head was new Sunday. And the trees in the village got a new dose of warblers, including good numbers of Blackpoll Warblers (above). Below these two Great Shearwater photos is last night’s sunset from behind the Monhegan School.

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