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Monhegan Update No. 4

by Bryan on October 1st, 2011

Still a bit of the doldrums birding here on Monhegan Island. We’ve had but one day of north winds since I arrived on September 19. But there can be no complaints on an island this beautiful. The shearwater show off Lobster Cove was impressive Friday morning, with, oh, I dunno, hundreds of Great Shearwaters and far fewer Cory’s Shearwaters (perhaps one for every 50 Greats). Kristen Lindquist kicked up a Canada Warbler on Friday near the Trailing Yew. Dickcissels, Lark Sparrows and Clay-colored Sparrows are still making the rounds in the village. Here’s a Prairie Warbler and Black Guillemot, which I actually photographed quite close to one another on the island’s north shore on Thursday.


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