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Blue Fuzzy-Butt Alert

by Bryan on November 10th, 2011

They float in hardwood forests on calm November days, like tiny wisps of powder-blue lint. If you’re not careful, you might dismiss them as the floating seeds from goldenrod, aster or some other composite plant. But watch for the hint of blue and the powered flight of a determined insect. Watch carefully; these are tiny, I mean really tiny.

Now flying somewhere near you, this is the adult form of Wooly Aphid. Most of us see these insects as clumps on Speckled Alder (two photos below). In this form they thrive by sucking plant fluids and covering themselves with a waxy white layer resembling cotton or wool.

The fuzzy, flying adults are more cosmopolitan; I’ve seen them on the wing in downtown Montpelier. That’s the thing about wings — insects do use them to get around.

In any event, these Blue Fuzzy-Butts (as Ruth calls them) are not to be confused with the Fuzzy Butt Farm, which offers dressage lessons in Fernley, Nevada, or Fuzzy Butt Dog Daycare in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Oh, my — an honor to hear from my blogger hero, the Dragonfly Woman. I’m still working on better photos. These are frustrating. I also need to get these to species. It’s a taxon about which I’m clueless.

  2. ruth permalink

    Oh, my gosh, we do need a photo of that electric blue on the white winged stardust.

  3. These are super cool looking bugs! Love the photos.

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