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Winter Finch Preview – Pine Grosbeak

by Bryan on November 19th, 2011

Pine Grosbeaks could be in your future this winter. These finches of the boreal forest occasionally drift south in winter in search of food. The fruit supply in their breeding range to the north may not be so, well, OK, “fruitful.” But at least here in the New England, the table is set with an abundant crop of mountain ash and crab apple. That’s the report from the annual winter finch forecast from the Ontario Field Ornithologists. Your best bet for Pine Grosbeak is to watch the flowering (now fruiting) crab apples in your favorite city or town. Keep me posted!

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  1. Brian, I enjoy your blog, (educational, current info/alerts, great pics)
    TY, fyi, My latest Tweet to promote your blog and my Litter eradication interests:
    VTLitterStoriesBernie Paquette
    Winter Finch Preview Watch for litter & birds. pls send me pics of both

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