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Chicken or Kale?

by Bryan on December 5th, 2011

If you’re like Chick-fil-A, which means you can’t tell the difference between kale and a chicken sandwich, I’ve made a study aid that should help you in the supermarket or fast-food joint. I’m a nature guide; I do this sort of thing with birds all the time. Please pass along the study aid so that we can all help Chick-fil-A distinguish chicken from kale. Maybe then the fast-food giant will stop beating up on the little guy here in Vermont.


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  1. Yuu Sono permalink

    ^THIS^ Awesome.

  2. James Dylan Rivis permalink

    Tom, I was right there….it was a complete HOOT !!!! Almost threw up my chick-fil- bleeecccchhhh !! See my FB site for more stories. I know all the characters involved so I’m loving it.

  3. Check out our governator supporting Bo!

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