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Snowy Owl Update No. 5

by Bryan on December 25th, 2011

The central Champlain Valley continues to be the epicenter for Snowy Owl sightings in Vermont. This is partly due to its general attraction for winter birding. Snowy Owls are no doubt elsewhere in Vermont — and across much of the northern United States. All we need to do is find them. Even if you don’t, winter birding has its rewards. For me, yesterday, those included Northern Harriers patrolling fields in the angled light of December. Busy flocks of Snow Buntings and Horned Larks. And a Peregrine Falcon, first toying with a Northern Harrier, then taking a Mourning Dove. The Snowy Owl that Pat Folsom and Pat Allen discovered on Slang Road in Panton wasn’t in evidence on Saturday. But not far away, Jennifer Brown found one in a plowed field at 6168 Goodrich Corner Road in Addison. I got a lousy digi-scoped shot (over there to the left). Thanks, Jen!

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