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Bryan Pfeiffer is an author, essayist, photographer, field guide and consulting biologist specializing in birds, butterflies and dragonflies.

His blog (this one) offers insights on birds, insects and other life outside. Bryan’s articles and essays have appeared in The New York Times, Field & Stream, Vermont Life and and many other publications. His column, Birds in Focus, appears in Northern Woodlands magazine. Bryan is co-author of Birdwatching in Vermont, a guide to finding and enjoying the state’s birds. He co-hosts an award-winning radio program, For the Birds, and hosted a public television special called Birding in Vermont. Bryan’s wildlife photography, on display at Wings Photography, has appeared in various magazines and newspapers, in calendars, on web sites, and on CNN.

Bryan is the former chief field staff for the Vermont Butterfly Survey and is an authority on dragonflies. He is a frequent and engaging public speaker on nature. Bryan’s latest book, now in the works, is DRAGONFLY: What an Insect Tells Us About Sex, Evolution and the Human Condition.

Bryan lives in Montpelier, Vermont, the nation’s smallest state capital, where he frequents his local diner, reads many newspapers and wanders the landscape for everything from ospreys to orchids.