Comps at Casinos

Gambling is also about receiving comps. When in Las Vegas you will receive many different comps depending on your play. First is free food, then free rooms and eventually free show tickets. As a VIP gambler your would expect suites, food, and beverage free plus limo service to and from airports. Gambling comps are based on play not losses. Some people think you must loose to receive the gambling comps but that is not the case. They look at overall play, how many hours a day is spent on playing to decide what gambling comps you will qualify for. Online casinos also give players comps and the first one is when you sign up at a casino and make a first purchase. This is something you wont see at landbased casinos. The reason online casinos do this as they appreciate you taking the time to download the software and try out the casino. Unlike a land based where you can just walk in and look around. Of course online casinos give comps in the form of special casino promotions during your membership at the casino. Feedback to the casino support is helpful if you do not feel you are being comped as you should be based on your play. Take advantage of some great gambling comps listed above.