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Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton and now Daniel Craig have all stamped their unique signatures into James Bond. But which one was the best? And when creating the ‘perfect’ James Bond, which attributes from these actors would be taken?

Casino-on-Net 888 has been researching viewers’ opinions on what elements of the above actors would go into creating the ‘perfect’ James Bond.

The latest James Bond (Daniel Craig) got the nod for his eyes, with respondents overwhelmingly voting Craig’s eyes would go into the perfect James Bond. Daniel Craig has been receiving rave reviews for his first-time performance of 007.

The survey
32 Vegas concluded that the ultimate face of James Bond should include, along with Craig’s eyes, Roger Moore’s hair and expressive eyebrows, Timothy Dalton’s square jaw and Pierce Brosnan’s all-knowing smile.

For the personality of the ‘perfect’ Bond, respondents agreed everybody’s favorite secret agent should have Sean Connery’s machismo, Roger Moore’s wit, Tim Dalton’s ruthlessness, Pierce Brosnan’s charm and Daniel Craig’s unpredictability.

Sean Connery was voted everyone’s favorite Bond of all time, but with a few more performances as good as Casino Royale, and Daniel Craig might be fighting for that top spot.

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