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Kiwi Casino is holding some generous Roulette promotions this month – they are giving away $400 in extra prizemoney to Roulette players by December 3.

They are giving away $100 to the player who plays the most spins on their European Roulette tables by December 2. They will also give away $100 to the player who wagers the most on the European Roulette tables by December 2.

On December 3, Kiwi Casino are holding a European Roulette tournament, and will give away $100 to the player who wins the most on that day, and another $100 to the player who makes the most successful European Roulette wagers on that day.

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Kiwi Casino has a unique software function which allows you to play Roulette in Fast-Play mode. You no longer have to wait for the ball to spin around the table – in Fast-Play mode, the ball is simply dropped into a random number.

To make the same bet again, all you have to do is click “Re-bet” – you don’t have to worry about adding the same chips to the same number/s over and over.

Kiwi Casino now also has multi-window options – you can ask support a question whilst playing, or play other games like Blackjack and Video Poker at the same time.

With Kiwi Casino’s graphical real-time game history, you can easily go back through your session history and see the results of all your spins/hands right up to your last spin or wager.

If you prefer a more traditional feel to your Roulette playing, Kiwi Casino also has a Live Dealer feature, where a live dealer based in New Zealand will spin the ball on a webcam in real-time.

Ed note: You can get a $100 bonus on your first $100 deposit at Kiwi Casino!